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Microsoft Zune 4

January 30, 2009

Here goes my first review. I’m a noob to this so bear with me.

In November 14, 2006 Microsoft decided to take a shot at the mp3 player business with the Zune. They thought maybe they could out do their competitors Apple, with their iShit.. I mean.. iPod. The first Zune was the Zune 30, AKA “The Brick”. A year later, Microsoft released the second generation zunes, The Zune 4, 8, 16, 80, and 120. The second gen zunes included a touch pad and with the software update, games.

Last Christmas i bought myself a Zune 4. Flash based memory, 1.8″ glass screen. This thing is sexy. its really small so it don’t make an imprint in my pocket. right now i have about 550 songs, 11 pictures, and like 7 games and i have 200mb of free space. I can fit videos, pictures, games, and of course, music on my zune. I’d like a little bit more space but 4gb is plenty for the $100 i paid. The touch pad is wonderful for when i get a big list of artists to scroll through. Just a flick of the thumb and I’m at the bottom of the list. Everyone should know that buying a zune is so worth it because you can flick your thumb! lol. So you, iPod user, trash that thing and go buy a zune!

Retail image of the Zune 4

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