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Ten Reasons Why I Bought a Zune instead of an iPod.

May 15, 2009

Last year for Christmas, I purchased a Zune 4. I didn’t feel that I needed a whole lot of space, because I don’t need 80 GB’s of stuff with me at all times. Also, I’m tired of people asking me why I bought a Zune, and I’m tired of typing it out EVERY time that I get asked, So I figured I would put it here, and share with everyone who cares. I’m also tired of people bashing the Zune JUST because Microsoft makes it. You know what? Some people don’t jump on the bandwagon and get a iPod. They check out the devices they want, and make an informed decision. Not “Hey, all my friends have it, so I’m gonna get it too!!”. So here are the reasons.

1. The Touchpad. I had a iPod mini for YEARS, and I hated the darn scroll wheel. I hated having to take it out of my pocket just to change the song, also. With the Zune I can put it in my pocket, and control it without having to take it out. There’s times I’m using my Zune, and my hands are covered in dirt/grease/and other types of junk that I surely don’t want to have to wash off of my Zune.

2. The software. I can NOT stand iTunes. It has horrible library management, and its buggy. Every time I wanted to use it, I did NOT work for me. But when I found another way to sync my iPod (which is now my moms, so I still haven’t been able to rid myself of iTunes) it worked just fine! Some of you might understand how bad that aggravated me. Ever since I installed the Zune Software, It has worked great! It works when I need it to, and has been a great replacement to windows media player 11 as my music player.

3. The design of the device. It has a small footprint in my pocket/laptop bag even with the headphones wrapped around it. That’s always a plus.

4. The screen. Its glass, so it won’t get scratched up by keys, pocketknives, and other things you might be carrying. Having a screen that won’t get scratched saves you $20 on a screen protector.

5. Games. With the firmware, it comes with games like Hexic, Sudoku, Checkers, And Texas Hold ‘em. Also, there are a good amount of programs/games you can put on It yourself. I currently have a package called “Arcade Classics” (Frogger, Snake, and others) and a game called “Sir Tet” (Tetris).  [See Here for a full list of games working with the latest Zune Software]

6. Zune Alarm App. I could have put this in the last reason, but I felt it needed its own reason since it was one of the main reasons I bought the thing. You put it on there just like the other games. It Gives you a fully Functional alarm, and the ability to fall asleep with music playing, and it turns off after a set amount of time.

7. Wireless Syncing. You can sync music/videos to your Zune without having to plug it in. How cool is that?!

8. File Sharing. If you and your buddy have a Zune, and your buddy wants one of your songs, Pictures, or podcasts, just send it to them! Only downside to this is it doesn’t come permanently yours.

9. The Social. It’s like MySpace for Zune owners. Message back and forth, sync Zune cards to your Zune and listen to their latest listened to songs.

10. Finally, the Zune Pass. $14.99 a month for unlimited downloads. You only get to keep ten songs a month, but you can download as many as you want. They only quit working when you quit paying.

So that, my friends, is why I bought a Zune instead of an iPod

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