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Visit Zuneboards!

March 17, 2009

Have a zune? Wanna know all the latest zune news in one place? Wanna put user-made games on your zune? Then Zuneboards is right for you!

Click the banner below to give em a visit.You can find me there as Dilpickle1


Modern Day Escape!

February 21, 2009


Among my search for bands on, I found these ever so awesome guys. Modern Day Escape. I listened to them, added them, and fell in love. Decided to message them and say hi, and to my amazement I GOT A MESSAGE BACK. Thats not anything i see on myspace often.

The Band Consists Of These Sexy People:
James Vegas – Vocals
nXe – Guitar
Marti Rubels – Guitar
Shep – Bass
Tony Sorrows – Drums

They are trying to get a spot on Warped Tour. Check out their myspace page for more information on helping them get a spot.

Here Is Modern Day Escape – March of the dead. The first full video by the band.

Coheed and Cambria Welcome Home Remix!!!

February 16, 2009

Thats right folks, “Clown” from slipknot has created a remix of “Welcome Home” By Coheed and Cambria. Its pretty sweet, though I like the Feathers remix a little better. I’ve always wanted a Welcome Home Remix and now its here. Go listen!

Coheed and Cambria @ Myspace

Check out where to find me

February 3, 2009

I made a new page, has everywhere you can get ahold of me online. I’ll be adding to it off and on

Call the Armada

February 3, 2009

Call The Armada (new song & layout ) on MySpace Music – Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads .

Hey guys, This band right here needs some promotion. The Band is called Call The Armada and feature Adam Berkowicz, Shad Teems, Andrew Roebuck, Kenneth Hathcote, and Andrew Jones. 

I’ve followed Adam with his carrer since I became a member over at to be with fans of Coheed and Cambria, Adam is also a member,  and i found Adams old band, Victory At Last. Just to say, i fell in love. I’ll be following this band pretty hard. Come back for more info and shiz. 

How to get .mp3’s or .Avi’s off youtube!

February 2, 2009

How To Get .Mp3’s off of youtube.

Step 1: Go To and click the download button to install Firefox 3

Step 2: Go to to download the videodownloadhelper add-on.

Step 3: Go to and search for the video you want to download. I will use for this tutorial.


The videodownloadhelper icon should light up and start moving around. Obviously I cannot show you that it is moving.

Step 4: Click the arrow beside the moving icon. A menu should open up.


For some reason it wont show my cursor, but you should click on the title of the video that is playing now. [Like, Welcome Home – Coheed and cambria]

Step 5: Save it to your desktop.


As you can see, it will download in .flv format. The next few steps will explain how to make it a .mp3 [or .avi] file.

Step 6: Go to and download “FormatFactory” to convert the .flv file to .mp3 [or .avi] format.


Click on “Audio” and then “All to MP3” [Alternatively, All to AVI]

A box will come up that will look like this [If you are converting to AVI, it will be the same, but it’ll say AVI instead of MP3]


You should click “add file” and a box will come up like this


You will want to select the file you downloaded and click “open”.

The file will be in the box. Now you click “OK” and the box will disappear.


Now click “start” and the format will start and finish.

Now you want to click on the “output folder” button and there should be a .mp3 [or AVI] version of the file you downloaded. Happy listening!

Gran Torino

January 30, 2009

So i got this movie for my grandpa and grandma. We are sitting here right now watching it. Its really awesome. Clint Eastwood is an awesome old man!

Edit 1: This is freakin awesome. i want his car!